Spring / Summer - Fall / Winter

Antibacterial protection

Our tarpaulins have maximum protection from the molding because they have the unique antibacterial protection Tybicoat Bioslid Leg, which prevents the occurrence of fungal infection and ensure great longevity.

Full protection from solar radiation

The specific treatment Sunblock Protection featured in our tarpaulins ensures high absorbency and protection from the harmful rays UVA & UVB

Freshness conditions

With the special coating Cool Cover the tarpaulins and we create a shield even the most hot days.

Resistance to sun

Maximum color resistance to sunlight to fully indelible colors.

100% protection from the rain

Our tarpaulins are fully saver from the water because we have received treatment with special insulation layer of ritines Multi Film Protection and therefore achieve maximum values ​​Spray Test and waterproof.

High resistance to strong winds, the snow and the ice

Engineered and tested to withstand extreme weather conditions our tarpaulins have specially treated thread weaving with unique specifications in conjunction with the weight create the most possible tarpaulins with maximum tear resistance.
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